Company Profile

Intimodress Italia

Lingerie manufacturer


ntimodress-Italia Srl”, is an Italian manufacturer and distributor of underwear for men, women, children and babies.  The company has a stylistic department, plotter and cutting hall.

Our company has consolidated its positions on the national market with our trade marks: “Frames”. At the moment, we are present through agents on national market, in the modern trade with our brand, Frames or with private label brands.

With the experience gained and the investments made, the company is ready to open up to new markets and in particular to the so-called BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, China) to search new distributors of their products, but also to any other form of partnership with local companies.


The Frames-Lingery brand represents a collection of stylish lingerie. The natural fabric items are made in a factory with various quality certifications. All modern design, high tech production, handmade work is done with love exclusively for the woman who appreciates style, comfort and elegance. All models in the Frames-Lingery underwear collection are exclusively designed by Italian designers, fact that guarantees rigid control at all stages of production – from design to complete manufacture.

Frames-Lingery is made of Cotton and Nyoln and natural silk fiber fabrics. And for this reason the company is renowned for creating a very feminine collection reaching the limits of female beauty and style are infinitely inconceivable. The ornament for the ideal woman serves her nature, that is, the color, the smell, the light of the game and the light silk whisper. And the most secretive and recondite what is a real sensuality always invisible.

The ideal woman can always discern for love for herself and for the desire to spoil herself. The fine aroma, the aromatic substances, the scented perfume for lingerie.

All articles go through the cutting stage, sew by hand. Particular attention is paid to accurate item ornamentation. Frames Lingery proposes to its customers the richness and the multiplicity of colors: of various collections and seasons.


FRAMES ,  in Italian forms, was the first brand to be thought of by the property to allow the consumer to identify the products of the corsetry made. There are three lines that are distinguished by this brand:

  • Basic, which includes Bra, Body, Guaine, and slip corsetry. These products are available all year round.
  • Fashion, which mainly concerns women’s cords made for the A.I. – P.E. – Christmas and St.Valentino, designed every year, taking into account fashion trends and made of always innovative materials and packaging.
  • Kids, which is intimate for children with innovative and colorful prints, in addition to the innovation of chocolate scents, caramels and cakes matched to each slip, to capture the curiosity of even the little ones.